Korean born Jane Choi came to America parlaying her biology degree into a successful multi faceted career as a make-up artist. She brings experience, inspiration, and passion to all her work making her a true devoted artist. Working in all areas of film and print, including fashion, beauty and advertisement, as well as character and special effects makeup for films, television, commercials and music videos. Beginning in 1996 with four seasons of Saturday Night Live, doing personal make up for Jim Breuer, Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon, to NBC's Dateline with Ann Curry, Stone Phillips and Jane Paulie. On Films such as Chasing Amy with Ben Affleck, Boys Don't Cry with Hilary Swank, to period make up on and Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, sitcoms and prime time soaps like Spin City and Ugly Betty, not to mention print work in Fortune, Life, Time, GQ, Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar magazines. Also, Got Milk, Monopoly, Barbie and flying fairies over New York City for a Dodge car commercial. One of the things that thrill's Jane as much as creating a character, aging someone 30 years for a film, or painting 200 mimes for a Verizon commercial, is the challenge of something new, something she's never done before. Like giving someone Psoriasis skin disease, surgery stitches and scars for medical books, meticulously painting every detail of an entire Monopoly board on a set of hands, turning a human into a Neanderthal, covering Mike Rowe with every conceivable piece of garbage for the TV show Dirty Jobs, or converting a stuffed female duck into a male duck with Airbrush. Lets not forget recreating stale and decayed fungus on perfectly good food. Recently, Jane's biography was published in Korea, documenting the journey she took from independent projects, to the White House, having done the make up for two presidents, their wives, and their staff. Based in New York City, with her husband, and two children, she has traveled the world bringing her professionalism to any project that comes her way, no matter the budget, or challenge, Jane truly loves her work.

Jane Choi
Makeup Artist, Local 798

Feature Films

Indiana Jones 4 The Kingdon of the Crystal SkullMake up artist
 Dir. Stenen Spielberg
 Cast: Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf.
 Paramount Pictures
Wall Street: Money Never SleepsMake Up
 Dir. Oliver Stone
 Cast: Michael Douglass, Shia LaBeouf.
 20th Century Fox
When In RomeMake Up
 Dir. Mark Steven Johnson
 Cast: Kristen Bell
 Touchstone Pictures
Hi LifeMake Up
 Dir. Roger Hedden
 Cast: Campbell Scott, Eric Stoltz.
 Hi Life Films
DogmaMake Up
 Dir. Kevin Smith
 Cast: Ben Aflek, Matt Damon.
 Too Askew Prod.
BellyMake Up
 Dir. Hype Williams
 Cast: Nas, DMX.
 Streetlife Prod.
Studio 54Make Up
 Dir. Mark Christopher
 Cast: Ryan Phillippe, Salma Hayek, Sela Ward.
 %4 Pictures
Mickey Blue EyesMae Up
 Dir. Kelly Makin
 Cast: Jeanne Tripplehorn, Hugh Grant, James Cann.
 All Night Prod.
Isin't She GreatMake Up
 Dir. Andrew Bergman
 Cast: Bette Midler, Nathan Lane.
 Universal Pictures
Bringing out the DeadMake Up
 Dir. martin Scorsese
 Cast: Nick Cage, Patricia Arquette
 Touchstone Pictures
Man on the MoonMae Up
 Dir. Milos Forman
 Cast: Jim Carry, Danny DeVito.
 Universal Pictures
Music of the HeartMake Up
 Dir. Wes craven
 Cast: Meryl Streep.
 Miramax Film.
Autumn in New YorkMake Up
 Dir. Joan Chen
 Cast: Winona Ryder, Richard Gere.
 Autumn Leaves Prod.
ZoolanderMake Up
 Dir. Ben Stiller
 Cast: Ben Stiller, Owan Wilson.
 Red Hour Films
Mona Lisa SmileMake Up
 Dir. Mike Newell
 Cast: Julia Roberts, Julia Styles, Kristen Dunst.
 Sony Pictures
Manchurian CandidateMake Up
 Dir. Jonathan Demme
 Cast: Danzel Washington, Maryl Streep.
 Paramount Pictures
The Warriors Of DogmaDept Head Make Up
 Dir. Naeyoung Jung
 Black Tiger Productions
Windy CityDept Head Make Up
 Dir. James Lee
 WC Production
Manhattan MidnightKey Make Up
 Dir. Alfred Cheung
 Red Hour Films
GIAKey Make Up
 Dir. Michael Cristofer
 Cast: Angelina Jolie, Fay Dunaway
 GIA Production
IlluminataKey Make Up
 Dir. John Turturro
 Cast: Leo Bassi, Beverly DiAngelo
 Illuminata Inc.
The DebtorsKey Make Up
 Dir. Evi Quaid.
 Cast: Dennis Quai, Michael Caine
 BPL Prod
Bad CompanyKey Makeup 2nd Unit
 Dir. Joel Shumacher
 Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock.
 Operative Prod
Crazy EyesDepartment Head Make Up / NY
 Dir. Adam Sherman
 Cast: Lukas Haas Madelina Zima
 Crazy Eyes LLC


Project RunwayHead Make Up
 Dir. Glenn Lazzaro
 Cast: Heidi Klum, Tim Gun, Nina Garcia.
DatelineMake Up Department Head
 Cast: Ann Curry, Stone Phillip, Jane Pauley.
 NBC Productions.
The Nightly NewsMake Up Department Head
 Cast: Brian Williams, Lester Holt. Kate Snow.
 NBC Productions.
Today ShowPersonal Make Up for Ann Curry.
 Cast: Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Lester Holt, Kathie Lee Gifford.
 NBC Productions.
The Good WifeMake Up and Tattoo Artist.
 CBS Productions.
Mildred PierceMake Up
 HBO Productions
Law and Order SVUMake Up
 NBC Productions
Law and OrderMake Up
 NBC Productions
MercyPersonal Make UP Artist to Taylor Schilling.
 Cast: Taylor Schilling
 NBC Productions
Saturday Night Live 1996-2000Personal Make Up for Jim Breuer, Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon, Chris Katan.
 Cast: Jim Breuer, Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon
 NBC Productions
Boardwalk EmpireMake Up
 HBO Productions.
OZMake Up
 HBO Productions.
Spin CityMake Up
 Cast: Michael J Fox, Michael Boatman, Alan Ruck, Connie Britton, Victoria Dillard.
 ABC Productions.
Ugly BettyMake Up
Dateline NBCPersonal Makeup Artist for Ann Curry, Stone Phillips and Jane Pauli


Lazy BoyMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Dave Meyers
 Cast: Brooke Shields
 Radical Media
Yves Saint Laurent "L Homme Libre"Make Up
 Dir. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
 Cast: Benjamin Millepied
 Anonymous Content
ChanelMake Up
 Dir. Martin Scorsese
 RSA Films
Cover Girl "Queen"Make Up
 Dir. Tom Goldstein
 Good Great Grand LTD
ReebokMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Alexei Tylevich
 Cast: John Wall
 Logan Media
BavariaMake Up & Hair, apply Wig
 Dir. Jonathan Herman
 Cast: Mickey Rourke
 Directors Film
Capital OneFX Make Up for Vikings
 Cast: Alec Baldwin
 Tool of North America
Capital One "Holiday"FX Make Up
 Dir. Harold Zwart
Beauty CultureHead Make Up
 Dir. Lauren Greenfield
 Cast: Eileen Ford, Carmen, Marla Hanson, Kohle Yohannan, Emme, Gils Bensimon, Patty Sicular, Bethann Hardison, Albert Watson, Alex Kuczynski
Bravo "Camp Bravo"Head Make Up
 Dir. Rob Meltzer
 Stun Creative prods.
Bravo "Work Of Art"Head Make Up
 Dir. Glenn Lazarro
 99 Tigers
PSA "Autism Speaks"Make Up & Wig
 Dir. Lesse Hallstrom
 Rescal Films
NY LotteryMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Mike Maguire
 The Directors Bureau
NJ LotteryMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Tom Schiller
 Washington Square Films
Sam Sung "Galaxy"Make Up & Hair
 Dir. Seung Joo Lee
 Opus Films
LGMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Angus Kneale
 RBS Prods.
Sam Sung "3D TV"Make Up & Hair
 Dir. Angus Kneale
 RBS Prods.
CastrolMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Ulf Johansson
 Smith & Jones Films
Capri SunMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Ulf Johansson
 Smith & Jones Films
SkittlesMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Ulf Johansson
 Smith & Jones Films
Verizon FiosMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Brett Froomer
 Radical Media
Vaseline "Kailani"FX Make Up
 Dir. Brett Froomer
 Radical Media
Grey GooseMake Up
 Dir. Gregor Nicholas
 Radical Media
AdvilMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Rich Wafer
 Washington Square Film
Dunkin Donuts "Origami"Make Up & Hair
 Dir. Ben Smith
 RBS Prods.
CortizoneMake Up & Hair
 Dir. Sasha Levinson
 Lost Highway Films
CuisineartMake Up & Hair
 Dir. John Hunter
 Corner Stone Pictures
Yoplait "Curves"Make Up & Hair
 Dir. Carolyn Chen
 Assembly Films
Mohegan Sun “God of the Gambler”Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
 House Films

Music Videos

Nickelodeon / Shrek "Make Ogre"FX Make Up & wig
 Dir. Anthony Gelsomino
 Cause & Effect prod.
MonsterFX make Up Make Up & Hair
 Dir. Jake Nava
 Cast: Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj
 Cherry Studio
Coheed & Cambria “Blood Red Summer”Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
 Dir. Marc Webb
 DNA Productions